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Margate, UK 2022 

Mural for "Rise up Residency"
What do you see at first glance. The house, the mountains, the rubbish, a landscape or something else?
We often pass by looking at the details. Sometimes you only see what you want to see. @riseupcleanup has collected over 968 rubbish bags and rubbish on Margate Beach since the beginning of 2020 so far. That's 4.8 tons. When laid out, these garbage bags would cover an area of 242 m2. Whole mountains of rubbish are piling up without us noticing.
My mural "Selfmade" deals with the topic of how one visually perceives an image, whether one deals with it for a long time or is only looking for a short answer.

Photographs by Conor Gault. 

From idea to execution.... 
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