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«The last Cocktail» 

Jyväskylä, Finnland - 2019

Curated by @upeart 
"This is the extension of a piece the artists painted last february in New Zealand while the Arctic ice is melting and we are seeing a decline in animal life all over Antarctica the political climate worldwide is ringing in the new ice age with irresponsible retreats from climate regulations or simple detachment from issues that will affect us all in the not so far future. "The Last Cocktail " as this piece by Onur is titled is a sad and bitter comment on the fact while those who cheer and raise their glasses to themselves with egocentric need to feed their greedy minds the former majestic iceberg take the shape of tiny ice cones in bloody Mary's. And yet at night the sublayer below this painting is depicting the revenge of nature's power and the roar of the wild returning once mankind has vanished and earased itself." YY

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