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"Circle" at Zürich Airport , 2022 

Curated by AINIAC Entertainment & Florian Bane Florin
Communication always has a sender and a receiver, but it doesn't only come from what we hear or read. There are also often processes that we take for granted but are not perceptible to the human eye, such as the sound waves that surround us every day. Tones, sounds, noises, music - all of this is sound and every sound has a sound source. I converted one such sound source, which I received as a voice message, into a ‘waveform’ (a two dimensional representation of an audio file). The shape of this waveform served as a template to create 4 landscapes reminiscent of Switzerland. Each landscape stands for a season and thus the mural creates a self-contained "circle".

Photographs by Fabian Bane Florin 

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